Killer Elite Review (Well moan)

I have issue with this film for two or three reasons (I’m not sure which yet). Firstly I’d like to point out that I’m in no way one of their people that watch a film simply to find gaffs. I’m usually to engrossed in the plot to see that someone wrist watch changes from left to right hand or the colour of there shoes is a slightly darker shade of tan. So it annoyed me slightly when there were some things that stuck out to me.

These were:

  1. Solar panels all over buildings. The file was set in 1980, I mean maybe they had a few but not that many.
  2. In fight scenes people’s hair colour and length seems to change, maybe this is bought on by rage!
  3. The crash helmet’s in the 80’s were far less refined that the one in the film which has got the air flow ridge at the top. In the 80’s helmets look much more like the current Lego ones (from memory).

Ok so old man moan over. The most annoying thing about the film is that the short film definition provided by the distributers or the producers, I’m not sure which. I am sure however that the person who wrote it didn’t watch the film and didn’t understand the plot. They description written is:

“When his mentor is taken captive, a retired member of Britain’s Elite Special Air Service is forced into action. His mission: kill three assassins dispatched by their cunning leader.”

The actual plot:

“When his mentor is taken captive, a Jason Statham character who’s background is unknown and undisclosed in the film apart from his love of Australian sheep farmers and definitely not from the SAS (this is covered in the film). His mission (which is forced upon him) is to assassinate three members of the Britain’s Elite Special Air Service who were (or suggested to have been) working for a shadow organisation to over throw the ruler of Oman in order to further commercial interest in it’s oil. This shadow organisation sends one of their best to protect them (Owen) who then doesn’t dispatch any of the afore mentioned SAS people.”

Admittedly it’s a little confusing but at least it’s not simply completely wrong. Maybe they should have gone with something like.

“Reluctant assassin (Statham) is forced to take on the might of Britain’s Elite Special Air Service in order to save his mentor (De-Nero) while a shadowy society sends its best man (Owen) to protect them and its own secret agenda.”

Then again, Im not paid to write these, whoever did the actual one was.

The only other thing to annoy me during this film was cat that kept digging it’s claws into me so I couldn’t fall asleep. Other than that it was a solid average film.

Over out until the next moan.

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