My very own theory on where the hell most of the matter in the universe is.

Ok so it might be based on a somewhat simplistic set of arguments but lets face it I bummed out on the A-level physics through a combination of drink, women and computer games. Damn this education system to only getting interesting when you are at your weakest. So here it is and it’s based on the following:
  1. No-one really knows what the process was when the big bang went bang in a big way. All we know is that all of a sudden there was a lot of stuff (including us and everything we can see or detect with instruments) and it was all flying away from a certain point.
  2. Stuff that is flying away isn’t slowing down and doesn’t look like it will collapse in on itself. In fact it appears to be speeding up.
  3. Most of the matter in the universe is missing. Or undetectable with current tech.
  4. Positive things and negative things attract.
Ok so here it is, I’ll get Prof Brian Cox to shoot it down in flames later. Well I won’t but I’ll give it a go.
Davey’s Theory of the Big Bang
So when the big bang happened who is to say that the first type of ‘stuff’ that it spewed forth wasn’t anti-matter. Anti atoms of all the good old stuff we’ve come to know love and be made from. This anti-stuff went shooting off into the void of space (was it space with absolutely nothing in or was it space-max? I suppose it was space and we now have space-lite, the weak version with stuff in it). So the next thing that happened is that the creative process that was the big bang then started to spew matter. This would have largely disappeared by hitting the anti-matter that was also being created. Until more and more matter was created to make up for the over balance of anti-matter that was first created. Now we would be left with an ever expanding sphere of anti-matter. Behind which there would be something that was a predominantly a void where the matter and anti-matter output was more of less equal. Followed by our good old matter (e.g. the universe we know and love).
Maybe an easier way of putting it is that the big bang was like turning on a mixer tap where you happen to have the a lazy boiler. The first water out is cold (anti-matter) the water then goes warm (unfortunatly matter and anti-matter don’t like this mix) then you run out of cold water (yes strange heating system I know) and only get hot (matter).
So who is to say this happened. No-one really but it would explain the following.
  1. Why we can’t find the anti matter. There is a huge void and then a ton of anti-matter. It’s a long way ahead of us.
  2. Why the universe is speeding up. It’s getting sucked along and out negatively charged universe if being drawn by a positively one.
  3. Would neatly encapsulate us in a bubble of stuff we could never get beyond as it’s not currently deemed a good idea to mix yourself with your anti-self. Think crossing the beams in Ghostbusters without the help of a marshmallow man.
Ok so 3 really isn’t a reason but it nicely covers the first two.
So people please shoot this down and point out the holes otherwise I’ll forever be going on about Davey’s Theory of the Big Bang.

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