Meeting Minutes 1 : Cowboy and aliens

Doug: Welcome all to the initial ideas meeting for our new film Cowboys and Aliens. As you all know from the email all we have at the moment is a title. Let’s start off with some introductions!”

Attendees: Murmuring

Doug: Ok, no-one wants to go first. So let’s go around the room to the left.

Kath: Hi, I’m Kath *****. I’ve worked as an ‘ideas’ person on many films.

Doug: I didn’t know people still did that finger thing! Care to name drop?

Kath: No, not right now.

John:  Hello, John ***** here, some of you have probably seen my out of the box thinking on many cherished films.  I do care to name drop by the way. You can thank me for that excellent scene in Indian Jones and Crystal Skull where a young fresh son of Indy fights with his sword against German dominatrix.

Kath: Wasn’t she Russian in the film?

John: Exactly, that was another one of mine. Why pick on the Germans I said. Let’s spread it around, they’re all communists anyway. It’s not like we always use Brits as double crossing evil bastards!

Kath: I’m fairly sure there was one of those as well!

Doug: Ok guys enough of this. Let’s get this session underway. Right so the title, it’s young and dynamic and let’s face it after the success True Grit and the on-going interest in any kind of alien invasion we are onto a winner already. I’m throwing this open to you get the ideas flowing? We can sort out how to stich these memory gems together into a pair of diamond socks later.

Kath: Ok so I’m feeling the cowboy thing. You know what cowboys says to me? It says gun fights. Let’s have lots of gun fights. I once saw this film that had this guy in it. I can’t remember what the character’s name was but he didn’t say much, just like totally had screen presence and was a bad ass. We need that guy.

Doug: Lee van Cleef is no longer with us Kath.

John: No she means Bruce Willis. You do don’t you Kath, because I was thinking the same thing. He was in that film where is rode into the wild west and then played two sides of a small town off against each other in order to get the green. Such an original idea. I’d love to say it was one of mine. I don’t understand why he didn’t use his “yippee ki yay” catch phrase in it though.

Kath: Wasn’t there cars in that film? It’s not a western if you have a car. Westerns need horses, horses and at least one lovable dog. I’ve done research into this and it’s been a long time since Lassie. These things come around don’t you know.

John: Yeah, I like it. Let’s put a dog in it. People really connect with dogs. It’s like dog acting is almost the same as the dog actually BEING a dog. We have to add some form of jeopardy for the dog role. That really pulls on the heart strings. We’d also need to cast a really good actor in that role. I can highly recommend Andy Serkis. Not only was he great as the Hobbit in lord of the rings he also totally ruled as King Kong.

Kath: He can do really funny voices as well. If we need that dog to talk he’s totally the guy for us.

Doug: Ok so, we’ve got cowboys, yeh it’s like in the title. Gun fights, horses and a dog. What else do you always get in cowboy flicks?

Kath: Jail. There is always someone either going to jail or busting out of jail, we need a jail. Oh and Saloon. With the flippy doors. We need one of them.

Doug: Ok good. Now we are getting somewhere. I can picture it. It sounds solid. How can we add a little twist to this though?

John: You guys are so lucky I’m here. Listen to this. We add another character. The guy who owns the town and everyone in it. To top it off we add a little father and son side story. Everyone can relate to having a father and nearly all parents can relate to having a son.

Kath: What about girls?

John: Yeah they can relate to having a son as well if they want. It’s all kinds of good and totally will add some depth and texture to the film.

Doug: Right so we’ve got the cowboy part steaming along. Let’s get this on paper, go grab a cup of coffee and resume after that. Oh by the way, to get you all into the right mind scene we’ve put up a little camp fire and will be brewing the coffee on that. There may also be grits but to be honest I’m not sure what they are or even if you can drink them.

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